armageddon: a tear jerker

@Keola12 (717)
United States
November 12, 2008 9:52am CST
armageddon is a story about planet Earth being in jeopardy as a result of a crater or meteor heading toward Earth to cause destruction of life. In the story, these oil riggers are hired by NASA to go into space and destroy the crater before it reaches Earth and destroys all life and the planet itself. As the oil riggers find out or discover, the only way to destroy the crater would be if one of them remain behind and set the explosive to go off from within the crater. Bruce Willis character remains behind to give his life so he can save the world. The very first time I watched this movie, I cried, especially when Bruce Willis's character says goodbye to his daughter via sattelite, just before his body explodes along with the crater.
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15 Dec 11
all you said is true, and yes, that was a very touching moment, to sacrifice oneself in benefit of others is a really comendable action to be made
@JerzeBch (50)
• United States
13 Dec 08
I cry EVERY time I see this movie! Even tho I do cry, it's one of favorites. I asked Hubby to change the channel the other day before the goodbye, but it was too late... I was already crying. Lol The soundtrack to it is also awesome!
@dodo19 (34284)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
16 Nov 08
I've seen the movie. I really loved it. It's such a good movie. I think that the ending is really sad. It's one of my all-time favorite movies.
@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
14 Nov 08
Hi Keola. I have seen this movie too. I like it very much. Bruce Willis is one of my favourites actors. Have a nice day.
@Firefly99 (251)
• United States
14 Nov 08
I actually cried more when Bruce willis was saying goodbye to Ben Afflecs character!
@shymurl (2768)
• United States
12 Nov 08
This is my absolute favorite movie. I love it. I have seen it a dozen or so times and each time it still touches me. I cry along with it. They picked a good set of actors and actresses for this film. I couldn't see anyone else in it.
• Philippines
12 Nov 08
I have seen the movie too. It is a story about how these atronauts would materialize their mission to save the earth. It is also a love story and a father daughter relationship.