has your gas company ever drove you crazy?

gas company crazy! - gas company
United States
November 12, 2008 10:15am CST
Well we knew when we woke up in the morning the first thing we had to do was call the gas company so we didn't get shut off.Thinking we had to wait until 8 am.to call wasn't very bright because at exactly 8 am we heard them out there shutting us off.So after being on hold for about fourty minutes,we give our credit card number,they get paid and tel us we have to wait 4-6 hours before they could get out to us.Then when they finally get here 3 ho;urs later the guy goes in the basement,comes back up and says what he has to do it is outside.He goes outside and an hour later i notice he is gone and still no gas on!!!I call them back,wait on hold for 25 more minutes just to be told they don't know why he left and they will send someone else back out.When the guy gets here this time,he tells me that the guy couldn't find where to turn it back on!So he just leaves?Ahh,i'm so mad!!!
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