FOOD CRISIS...will u dare to eat this stuff!!!!

November 12, 2008 11:00am CST
one man's meal other man's poision...people really pick up the platters of rodents,reptiles,mammals which are relished across the world.... SQUIRREL BRAIN(US SOUTH):the brain of tree climbing rodent.they cook head with rest of the body(after cleaning ofcourse)then,using finger n fork, they crack the skull open and dig the brain out.they say it tastes a bit like mushrooms,who have dared to bit in... MONKEY TOES(INDONESIA): deep fried monkey toes are served to be eaten strarght off the bone... SNAKE BLOOD(THAILAND):According to a recent TV documenatary this bloood is served freshly harvested from king cobras,either as a straight cocktail or a mixed drink,for prices up to $200.this boold is supposed to have medicinal and aphrodisical powers... TURTLE EGGS(NICARAGUA): raw sea turtle eggs look like boiled ping pong balls.they make a small rip in the soft shell, may be add a few drops of hot sauce, then suck the raw contenets down, followed by a shot of rum. the eggs taste a bit fishy and may not be relished by all... FRIED FROG LEGS(SOUTH AMERICA):bettered,seasoned and deep fried the two large back legs of frogs are said to taste just like chicken.... GRASSHOPPERS(MEXICO):chilli fried grasshoppers are sold on the streetsof sevearl latinamerican n southeast asian countries they are not merelt delicacies and crispy snacks but also high protein low fat food for the health conscious!! MONKEY BRAINS(CHINA):the brain is eaten when it is still hot straight fron the skull.mixed with local alcohol,it is both delicacy n an aphrodisiac... ROASTED MAGGOTS(CAMBODIA):these maggots are roasted till they're golden brown and eaten for evening snackthose who've eaten say it crunchy outside and creamy inside... ALLIGATOR ON STICK(SOUTH LOUISIANA):chuncks of deep fried aliigator(tail part,battered in cornmeal seasoning)are served on 10 inch wooden skewer. seen mostly at out door festivals.taste is closest to firedfish, chickennuggets or roast BBQ ribs... SMOKED BATS(INDONESIA): people say it tastes like beef jerky.commonly availablr in indonesia, bats are usually cooked in a smoked fashion.they're only about 3 inches long and look like skeletal brown mice... SMOKED RODENTS(INDIA,THAILAND,LAOS):smoked rats are delicacy for forest dwelling people in asiait tastesa smoky n is not too tough... ROASTED ANTS(COLUMBIA):these are large ants which arer fried n roasted n served in paper cones. a delicacy served as a a quick bite in movies
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