Thank God For Friends and Neighbors

November 12, 2008 11:53am CST
Well here is my story of gratitude for the day. I was having coffee over at my friend and neighbor Jackie's place after dropping my son off at school. I had the baby with me and figured if I needed anything I could just run home and grab what I needed. So a few sips into my first coffee the baby decides to fill her diaper. So I head home to grab the diaper bag and I can't get into my house. I had brought the stroller into the house cause it looked like it was going to rain and had propped it up on the stairs. Well low and behold the stroller had toppled over somehow and had fallen in such a way that it was blocking the door and was wedged between the door and the stairs heading up into my apartment. So now I am freaking right out, I can't get into my house and the landlord isn't home and my daughter is sitting in a diaper full of poop. Jackie and I tried to get creative and use first the shovel, then a broom, then Rick one of our other neighbors who normally I wouldn't deal with very much pulls in and we call on him to help. He ended up getting one of his planter rods and jimmies into the house as he is standing on recycling bins to get the leverage he needs. They sent me back over to Jackie's to keep an eye on the kids and cause I was flipping out being locked out of my house. Finally they came and got me to tell me that my door was open now. I got the chance to thank Jackie, but Rick was no where to be found. I plan to go over there this evening and thank him again. It just goes to show me that I really need to be thankful for friends and good neighbors and no to judge others so quickly when they are so quick to help out! Thank you once again Jackie and Rick if you are reading this!
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13 Nov 08
lol..ah always happens when there's a poopy diaper! sounds like you've got some great neighbors, and even the one you werent so friendly about, turns out to be a pretty darn nice guy to go to such lengths! our neighbors are a mix of indifference and wave hello's lol! give Rick a cupcake LOL!