Fellow MyLot Members! Lets Make Money The Unselfish Way!

November 12, 2008 7:40pm CST
Hey all Mylot members..Throughout My last couple days at work I've been thinking more and more about how I can make a better income, a good solid income from home.(haha, yeah I know I should be focused on my job) I've been looking all over online for a long time. Well, a little while ago I stumbled across something different. http://unselfishwealth.com/ns/?id=37198 The unselfish way to make money, Now I know We are all in it to make money for ourselves but honestly it's kinda hard to make money all by yourself online, pretty hard if You dont have much start up money and after You spend the initial deposit You have to start recruiting. Well, unselfish wealth is a little bit different. Your Upline will recruit for you. And Once you have your first 4 downlines filled anyone You recruit after that will fall down under Your downline, from which You make 8% commissions monthly. With this system everybody wins. Go to the link I provided below for more info and take the free tour. I thought I'd share this opportunity with You, since I'm just starting out in unselfish wealth I thought I'd like to build my team as quickly as possible, dont wanna wait around too long for My Upline to get referrals for me. I think if We all do this as a team, we all support one another this could work real good. Just sign up under my link. Then Sign up under those who signed up under me and so on. If everybody on MyLot who is interested in making a good online income does this, everybody who understands that it takes a large team to make this successfull, then join under my link. Remember, after my first four spots are filled up, You will fall under whoever signed up under me. You receive commissions even for people that are signed up under Your Downlines. Lets keep this thread going, I'll post everytime somebody signs up. http://unselfishwealth.com/ns/?id=37198
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@Thorn679 (111)
• United States
13 Nov 08
Do you know if it pays to paypal?
• Canada
14 Nov 08
How Does it make money? -What You do is You sign up four People under you, every month You make commission off of their monthly membership for Travelencia. You also make commissions from the people that signed up under the ones You signed up and so on. If I already signed up 4 people, the fifth person I sign up will then be placed under the first person I signed up if he doesn't have his 4 personals yet. I still make commissions for that sign up. Plus, You make fast start bonuses (20 dollars) for every person You sign up. There's also matching bonuses and many other bonuses. Just follow the link I gave and it's all explained in detail, much better than I can explain. Do they accept Paypal? -Travelencia I believe accepts only mastercard or visa but I could be wrong. I'll check into it. But, they pay You either through mailed cheque if Your in the US, but if Your anywhere else in the world they send your money to your globalexchange account. You can sign up very easily at globalexchange. They can then transfer Your money into Your bank account, or you can get a debit card from them and use it in pretty much any ATM machine. Remember though, once YOu have just a few people in Your downline, You will make enough money a month to cover Your monthly membership fee. So you can use that money to pay for your membership fee.
@briggah (171)
• United States
13 Nov 08
and what are the steps to signing up?
@glords (2615)
• United States
13 Nov 08
SO how does it make money?