Do you flush your toilet after every use????

November 12, 2008 8:21pm CST
Every body needs to use the toilet everyday. But do you flush your toilet after every use. Either after doing small business or big business. Certain people I know have the bad habits of not flushing at all after using the toilet. In my opinion, we should always flush no matter what immediately after use. It feels nice when you are in a clean toilet while easing ourselves. I have been to many places and visited their toilet. Some are so clean and smells so nice, that's it's even fit to sleep inside. But alas... I been to a few that was so dirty even whatever business I was suppose to do just disappear automatically. I couldn't even bear to be inside for one sec. Share with me your opinion and experience that you might have went through. Are you one of those people that dont flushes after using? How do you feel when you see a very dirty toilet - are you able to go through what you suppose to do? Do you agree that we should always keep our toilet clean at all times?