Who is Your Idol ?

November 12, 2008 8:56pm CST
Idol means a person whom is famous in a family, in socity, in a country, even all over the world. For some others, they have different idols in different age bracket. So have you been discoveried your own idol? As for me, my first idol is My Mother. I still regard her as my model in my child life, though she is a farmer. She is a little women, having eight daughters and two sons with my father, a large family comparing with the modern one, but all of us grows healthy and happily.She never be angry with us if we do sth wrong except that bring out the facts and reasons. The other one is Pavel Chorchagin. Who is A brade sodior. I even can not believe that how can a man behave so firm in such painful condition, after read his story, i was deeply moved by his action, words, spirit and thoughts. He said: Life is the most precious thing as to humanbeing, howerver, the life only have once for us. So how should I spend it?............. Today, whenever I meet such difficult problems, the moment I remember both of them, I bravely tell myself: All can be overcome! What about your idols?
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@jolope (988)
• Philippines
13 Nov 08
i think mine would be my godfather.. but its not like an idol that i will be someday.. its more like i admire him with how he handles situations in his life.. he promotes fairness and is very considerate..he knows when to be mad but if a calm way.. if you ask me..its difficult to stay calm in a situation that provokes you to scream..
• China
13 Nov 08
It seems your godfather is an estimable person. I admire him very much. Oh, if it is allowed, would you mind telling me much more about him, okey? HAHA.....Just from the bottom of my heart. Well nice to meet you!