Do you always make plans before we do somethings or reach some aims?

@yingwu (21)
November 12, 2008 9:38pm CST
dear friends: During my more than 1 year of woking time, I always have no work plans,as a result ,my work can't be completed so pefectly, with some problems. So is my life. for example, before going to bed on saturday, I don't make a plan of what do on sunday. So I don't know which is importent needed to do at once ,which is not so importent. at laset, I ignore the importent things , bue I devote my mind to the unimportent things. the inefficient life isn't what I want. all friends ,do you always make plans before we do somethings or reach some aims? DO you have some goog ways to adtain higher efficiency?
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• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
You can try to make some time before you sleep to write down the things to be done. Arrange them according to their importance and priority. Ask for advice from your friends or your superior to help you arrange. Make a schedule for each assignment and make sure you follow the time frame of the project good Luck..
24 Mar 12
Thats always a good idea , my partner does that she makes lists for everything she does that way she doesnt forget anything.
@olliekobra1 (1826)
24 Mar 12
it is important to make plans that way you can allocate your time on specific tasks and achieve more. That is the key to be more efficent good time management.