Is being a dreamer a bad thing or a good thing?

@jlamela (4909)
November 13, 2008 1:12am CST
I am a dreamer, that is, keep dreaming big things in my life including a prospect of having my own family. Since I was 14, it became my favorite past time to dream things on whats coming ahead. Until I reached the age of 34 and still no boyfriend or whatsoever, now I am wondering if my being a single has something to do with my being idealistic, optimistic, stubborn, choosy, or being a dreamer?
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@jayyerex (224)
• Canada
13 Nov 08
You should always hang on to your dreams and never, ever allow someone to dissuade you from them. Think of your dreams like alife line that you cna hang on to to get you to where you want to go. If you let go of the line that was tethering you to a boat you would float away. It's not to say that you couldn't get back to the boat but you would have a much harder time of it. Dreaming is the beginning, now you have to work for it and most of all you have to ask for it. The universe is a funny thing in that it will give you what you ask for but you have to allow it to happen. And what ever you do, do not compromise on your love life. get what you want and need and don't give up on those ideals. They are yours and no one elses. It took me until I was 31 to find the love of my life. I'm now 35 and I am so glad that I never wavered in my convictions. I hope this helps.
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
14 Nov 08
HI jayyerex! Thanks for inspiring me. Your piece is a great help in realizing what things to be done. Everytime I heared people giving testimony how they find their love, I wonder if I may be able to find my own love to. At 34, I'm beginning to lose hope, but I understand that life must continue no matter how difficult the situation is. Thanks for your great advice.
@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
22 Nov 08
Being a dreamer is an extremely good thing if you want to be creative or a true thinker. Dreams are what is deep inside of you waiting to get out. Don't question you dreams they are important and what I believe to be a key to evolution.
13 Nov 08
There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer! dreamers make the world great, i dont think it has anything to do with you being single, one day you will find your own dreamer to connect with.
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
13 Nov 08
Hi there Jlamela! Well, being a dreamer is not bad when it is balanced with your effort in working towards that dream which may not be applicable specifically to your case because finding a partner so you can build a family isn't something that supposed to be planned. I believe that it may work to your advantage if you are picky and you have high-standard and that's pretty normal because it's your own family that will be based on the foundation of your partnership. I think that it will just come and you'll just feel it when it does.