Why must there be a god

United States
November 13, 2008 4:27am CST
Is it at all possible we will one day accept that we are alone in the universe (save for a few parasites on planets) that once its over, its over?
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@moneymaya (901)
• India
13 Nov 08
I can reply your question in two way in one way I can again raised a query as a reply that why not there must be a god ? and in other way I can reply you that its depends on you if you think that without god you can live then its ok for you there is no need to go and think about other if your inner sense is satified then there is no need to go other way but if you think that without believ on GOD you are not able to do any thing than you will have to believe , means all depends on you if you feel that GOD exist than every where is GOD if not then no where !
• New Zealand
13 Nov 08
WHY MUST WE BELIEVE IN GOD? we have free will and we dont have to believe in anything, but the fact that people agrue over the existance of god, shows that he does exist just as time and gravity do. The scriptures are the inspired word of the god and when you read or listen to gods words then you will learn and every time you learn to the word of god you learn more, you can not read the scriptures one and gain all it knowledge. It is a life learning experience. It is a man and his distotion of the scriptures that turns people away from the word GOD. All the holly books shows a ways of life. It shows the mistaks man makes, it shows why some thing are bad to doand some things not, it shows kindness het kindnessand shows that karma exists.