why money

November 13, 2008 9:07am CST
Why mone is so important in or daily life? why we can't live without money? what are the ways to make money easily. why we can't stay without money?Is money everthing for today's life?
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@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
14 Nov 08
it would be hard to say why money is so important now. From the history of money, we know that the reason money was made was because we need an exchange method which would be so much easier than bartering goods. With money we can keep our wealth not in goods, but in a simpler way. But the use of money is now has changed from buying goods to buying someone's life. That is why we see it very important nowadays. But, no. Money is not everything. In some places, money is nothing. I have seen in the discovery channel, in some place, the place which never been touched by modernization, people do not know money. they don't need it since they can provide what they need for themselves. Food, shelter, and life.