Truth about Diets.

United States
November 13, 2008 10:48am CST
Diets just don't work. What does work is a lifestyle change. Meaning taking small steps to achieve your idea body. For instance I have been walking everyday and eating what I would normally eat but just taking small steps. Like have some pasta but don't overeat. Or keep yourself full all day long so you don't overeat or eat something you shouldn't. Drink Tea and Water instead of Soda. Although I've quit drinking soda and I feel so much better. And the other problem about "Diets" is that they have a beginning and a End. Well if you don't continue it through out your life you'll end up gaining the weight back. Therefore a lifestyle change continues no matter what thru out your life. Please tell me your thoughts.
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@avidwhit (1492)
• Mexico
13 Nov 08
I cantagree more! Lifestlye is they key. Personally I think you can enjoy life full of all the foods you want just have a balance and dont over eat like you said. Pleanty of natural liquids balanced eating and excercise in moderation. Great poat and well put! :)
• United States
13 Nov 08
Why thank you. I have learned from personal experience. For the exercising you at least have to put 30 mins a day into exercise. If it's just walking or doing a fun video. And it has to be everyday. This way it becomes part of your life and it's easier to maintain a lifestyle too.