This is for all WFHQ members - do you end up with ghosting ads alot?

@catmint (628)
November 13, 2008 10:57am CST
I was very motivated when I saw how so many mylotters are earning well from this. So today I finally got off my dragging feet and took a serious look at it. It looked simple and fun but the ghosting bit scares me. I really hope I won't be striked off cos ghosting is something no one can prevent. But I started posting anyway and was so exhilarated to be able to do 7 ads. But after an hour only 3 ads were approved, 4 were listed as ghosts :( Do you have similar experience? What can be done to avoid or at least minimise the chances of ads ending up as ghosting? I really think it is a good earning opportunity sans the ghosting threat
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