Do you use canvas or other reusable bags when shopping?

United States
November 13, 2008 11:20am CST
Hi Do you use canvas bags when shopping? Many stores here have been selling them for less than a dollar each. I can live with having the store logo on it, if it means I am not wasting paper or plastic bags. Very often if I have just one or two items, I just tell the cashier not to give me a bag. I also found the canvas bags handy last year and earlier this year. I had surgery to have a hip replaced back in January. Prior to that I used a cane. I found the bags very helpful to carry things around. They have a lot of uses. The only problem is that you have to be careful not to carry a lot of heavy stuff in them, as they do not last long.
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@tudors (1556)
• China
25 Feb 09
yeah, i do use reusable plastic bags when shopping. thanks to the ban that my government enacted to limit white rubbish that people now carry their own plastic bags when go to supermarket or they have to pay for each bag. Unnecessary wastes have been cut considerable and the environment is improved a little.
@sharra1 (6342)
• Australia
17 Nov 08
We have been using our canvas bags for over 4 years. They are starting to wear out a little now but they have paid for themselves. I still have a supply of plastic bags that I have saved from some shopping and I use them in our rubbish bags so I am recycling them a bit. We also buy a large sack of bread flour once a month and I wash those bags and save them for the shopping. They are not as wide but they are strong and it is getting more use out of them.
• United States
17 Nov 08
I keep two reusable bags in my truck, a string net bag and one of those canvas-type bags. I'm still not in the habit of taking them in every time, I forget most of the time, really, but I am making an effort to improve.:-)
@iamcdy (1120)
• Philippines
13 Nov 08
Yes, I have been bringing my own reusable bag when shopping in the grocery store for almost 4 months now. It has been an ordinance in our city that no plastic bags are to be issued to consumers so the items are packed in recycled paper bags. So instead of even using more papers, I bring my own reusable bags for my grocery stuff. I think it is a wonderful idea by our local government as it will lessen the garbage and plastics in our environment. I have no complain about it. I just did my part.