My favorite song- Piru Love

United States
November 7, 2006 3:02pm CST
Awww-w-w-w Aw baby, aw baby I sai-i-i-i-d Piruuuuu Loooove, babyyyyy Baby-y-y-y Piruuuuuuu Loooooove Piruu Lo-o-o-ve Babyyyy [BLOODY MARY] Now in the Bity of Bompton LIME HOOD is down with the MOB HOLLY HOOD and CROSS ATLANTIC off of Bompton Boulevard Every town has an ELM STREET but not a Freddy Krueger Don't get caught In the JUNGLE's or a Park called LUEDERS On Rosecrans pass Oleander at the light TREE TOP is to the left, FRUIT TOWN is on the right 1-5-1's and WESTSIDE PIRUS slay past dark And the only other Blood hood is CAMPANELLA PARK HACIENDA, SWANS and BOUNTY HUNTERS'll call ya number ROLLIN' 30's and 20's OUTLAWS, SIXX DEUCE BRIMS will put you under CABBAGE PATCH, CENTER PARK, HARVARD PARK, ATHENS PARK too SCOTTSDALE, NEIGHBORHOOD, HAWTHORNE, WATERFRONT, all Pirus L.A. DENVER LANES, there's more in Pasadena AVENUES, BLOOD STONE, INGLEWOOD FAMILY The PUEBLOS, BLOOD STONE VILLIANS, BLACK P. STONE CIRCLE CITY and EASTSIDE BISHOPS got it goin' on With the M.G.'s, QUEEN STREET, V.N.G's ain't no stoppin' the VILLAGE TOWN, EASTSIDE PAIN, CRENSHAW MAFIA BE-BOP WATTS, CITY STONES and the SKYLINES Don't say Cuz 'cause Blood, this is Piru all the time [YOUNG MALCOLM] Piruuuuu Loooove Westsiiiiiide Babyyyyyy Piruuuuu Piruuuu Loooove Bompton Piruuuuuu Babyyyyyy [RED RAG] "I rippin' Crabs in half" That they caught in the mix Cause the true flue click got the M game "C-Sick" "I killed your dead homies" And there's no doubt When I "C-K ride" fool there's "no way out" Simply garbage you's a target Cause punk your hood is shady Pops grabs the Glock, Stacy grab the 3.80 You Rips wanna trip tell me punk won't stoppin' you ?? get down it's the Crenshaw Mafia It's your chest punk Now which one you choose The Bounty Hunters, C-M-G and the Pirus I got love for my homies Killin' Crab all crews that don't wanna come and get some' Homie it's me the Y-G C-M-G 10-4 Street and the A.P.G's I told you once before All Crabs got some loose I'm down with Bounty Hunters and the Avenue Pirus [LIL' STRETCH] Love for the Ru's I thought you knew jack So guess who? Peek-a-boo! Lil Stretch is back With that Tec-9 loaded hit the wall ?? Little young punks gettin' sprayed by the ride, punk Uh, fools down by the curb side Another Crab lost his life from the fury of a drive-by Hunters ain't playin' in the 9-Tramp From the Ace to the 5 we peelin caps back to the fact Bustin raps is kinda cool Get me paid for these rhymes all the time don't twist it fool I thank God for my Blood Gang Eastside Bounty Hunter Five Line is what I claim [C.K.] Yo once again it's your friend carrying a big Tec I'll let the hollow points spit I'm tearin' skin rollin through your set Punks, it's me C.K. Bangin' On Wax Now I'm bangin your girl while you out Selling your nickle sacks N-O-T-S non rappers out of the shelter This is Dangerous for Record sales I guess we told ya Piru Love is what we gon' to call this track Taking out all the Crabs, rippin skulls and breaking backs Matter fact, anybody wanna battle: bring ya crew Watch Dangerous teddy, bust up - like Terminator 2 Piru funky we dump on punks dissin' back Shuda been a Piru, I thought you knew that it was like that [*YOUNG MALCOLM*] [REDRUM 781] The settin is the world famous oneway The homies banged up, meetin' up on a sunday Run across the street just to get some brews and shhhhh What do you know? A Crab slippin' wearin flue and shhhhh I take the flag out my pocket Wrap it around my knuckles make a fist and lock it Deposit a blow to the jaw as I bank him Break a 40 on top of the counter then I shank him It's the Piru, the Piru The G's with the rhymes, 4 clips shot Crabs 8 times with the 9 I got love from the West Side straight to the East Side Rickets and Bloods Both bump the B side up P-funk in your trunk is the bomb Set trip, I put the pen and light it up like Vietnam Pimps in red uniforms storin Crab sets And I bet from here on now we gets - more respect All dogs go to heaven, they ?? Rest In Peace We keep bangin' and slangin' up thangs, C-K ridin' never ceased Shouts to the Swans, V.N.G's, Lanes and W's, Redrum with the Avenue Piru Love [*YOUNG MALCOLM*] [BLOODY MARY] Rest In Peace to the homie Killa Wak To Lil homie Kay Ron O.G. Tookie, Iceberg We Love Y'all Westside Avenue Piru B.H.I.P To lil' homies from Eastside Bounty Hunter Watts Lil' J Lil Fang Fang Denver T.I. [REDRUM 781] Mafias In Peace My homegirl Jackie Big Bazzaro Sneak Stacy Lok
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