Do you attend your high school or class reunions or plan to attend.

@yparson (582)
United States
November 13, 2008 1:42pm CST
I've been out of high school for 30 years and only attended my 5 year reunion. We recently had on last year and I didn't attend. I don't remember most of them anyway and the ones I do remember, I see or hear or hear of about them from them most of the time. I did enjoy my 5 year back then but it wasn't enough to encourage me to return to the rest of them. How about you, whats your thoughts on your school or class reunion?
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@iamcdy (1120)
• Philippines
14 Nov 08
I graduated high school 12 years ago and so far, I have not attended any reunion or alumni homecoming in our school. My former school conducts a reunion for their graduates every 5 years and I was absent in two of them. During the first one, I just started in my job and I was not able to take a leave because I was still new and had no leave entitlement yet. For the second one, my former classmates contacted me and informed that instead of attending the reunion in our school, we should just attend our own get-together in a resort. We actually did! The next day, my cousin who was a year younger than me attended the reunion and told me that no one among my batch mates attended the school reunion. She added that the school administration was calling our names one by one but no one was there. I told this to one of my classmates and he told me that we will still not attend the next school reunion in the school, we will have our own get-together again soon.
@Apai1471 (41)
• Malaysia
14 Nov 08
School reunion is a good thing and it's where you get to see your old school mates, regardless you like them or not when you were still a student. My school organised a reunion recently in June and we all had a good time. It was held 20 years afer we left school and went our separate ways. You can meet your old mates and revisit some of the good and bad memories that you shared together. The reunion was a success and I noticed that at the end of the event, there were a lot of left-overs as people prefer talking/ chatting/ minggling with their friends instead of eating. There was even a part where all of us get to stand on the stage and introduce ourselves to the crowd as well as our guests, our old teachers. There was even a magic show being performed by one of our school mates and his performance was eye-catching. We never knew that he would turn out to be a magician, as during school days, he was a rather quiet guy. Anyway, as time and years go by, people changed and explore their full potential. Lastly, yeh, it was a fun thing to do (i.e. school reunion), and we all agreed to do it again 5 years from now. Cheers.
@lilcee (2704)
• United States
13 Nov 08
I've been out of school for several years and have never been able to make it to a reunion. I think it would be fun to go some time and see what everyone is doing and what they look like now after all these years. But, I live in Florida now and I graduated in New York so that is a long drive. I think it would be fun tho.