what is ur favorite holiday of the year

November 13, 2008 2:34pm CST
My favorite is christmas.And i wanted alot of things that i knew i couldnt have but it didnt matter its christmas and like it. There is some significance to this holiday like the birth of christ and just the fact thatpeople come together and spend quality time together and just love one another no matter what. So this next coming year we need to try harder to do that
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• Netherlands
13 Nov 08
Christmas. Although I love Eastern too. As long as your close with your family and have dinner together with candles on the table and everyone having a good time and having a laugh. That's most important to me and that happens to both. Unfortunately this is going to be a boring Christmas for me because I'm home alone.
13 Nov 08
well if u come on here at christmas time u wont be alone u would have friends here on mylot. DOnt u have ur family with u. If not mylot can be ur family away from urs. Its time people think of other people sometimes other then themselves. I have my daughter and some other nice people that do care if though some dont u could always find a family some where if they were true people. GOOD LUCK
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
14 Nov 08
I love Christmas don't get me wrong but My absolute favorite Holiday is The 4th of July. I just love watching the kids faces as they watch the fireworks go off and are able to play with the sparklers and the family cookouts and get together and games ans stuff. Christmas is okay but it is kinda stressful for me and so since also the 4th of July is just a day before my birthday on the 5th I get to celebrate my birthday a day early.