I'm the PROBLEM - Life is not hard

@sktekweb (277)
November 13, 2008 3:28pm CST
I'm the problem- Life is not hard.Everything happens in my mind and hearty. We throw responsibility on others.I've learn t in my life maturely that there is actually no problem in life.That we are living a human life is the problem.Life is a problem for those who use the same intelligence now negatively, earlier they used it positevely to score some good marks.Perhaps they laboured hard.They disliked their study and out of pressure,they achieved the target accademic result.They did not enjoy their reading.They did not read about human life and peace in their School and College Books."YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.SOLVE IT." Remember that nothing is going to happen-you may die now immediately with your property or any bank account behind,you may suffer a disease.If these thing happen-what will you do? And you still say that Life is Hard.If you die today while travel ling by bus or train or by air or by bike-What will happen today? Let us do the work of doing nothing at least for some time.Give rest to your brain.Stop thinking.Live ahead.
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