Does Whitening ToothPaste really work magic on whitening your teeth? :D

@daryljane (3439)
November 13, 2008 3:50pm CST
[i][b]Ever since is started smoking and notice that ever if i have teeth cleaning twice a year, my teeth still shows some stain from too much smoking and drinking coffee and tea. Yesterday, when im alone at the mall just checking on new beauty product, i bump into these toothpaste whitening. Im wondering does it really works magic and whitens youre teeth or do you really have to go to the dentist and have this whitening processes that they do? Nonetheless, i still went ahead and bought a big pack and will give it a try. Im alone and got no one to ask if it does really work, of course if im going to ask any sale lady in store, theyd definitely work their sales talk with me. Hopefully, ill get results in a couple of weeks of usage.. Wish me luck! [/b][/i]
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
13 Nov 08
They seem to work but i read that they should be used for a long time as people will find after long use it will ruin teeth, I think it is better to stick with what your dentist says as it is good if you can keep your teeth as long as possible...
@daryljane (3439)
• Philippines
13 Nov 08
Yes, thats what im afraid might ruin my teeth for long use. Guess ill just stick to my teeh cleaning twice a month huh? thanks lilac lady