I miss my best friend...

@Blondie2222 (20392)
United States
November 13, 2008 6:01pm CST
I been friends with this girl now for 8 yrs. We recently lost contact in the last year and a half...We been through alot together and then she met this guy and dating him and helpin him raise his son...After awhile he did not like me as a person b/c he really doesnt know me yet. He doesnt treat her right hes abusive. He has 5 kids wit 5 differen't girls..Recently just found out shes pregnant by him and that he controls the girls he's with..ANd leaves them after they have the kid. She wont listen to me about him and just does what she wants. He made her quit her job because she was meetin other guys. I try talkin 2 her and I did last month on the phone and she hasn't called me since. I feel like I lost the friendship because of the guy she is with...What would u do if u were in this situation?
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