How to eat healthy on a small budget??

United States
November 13, 2008 7:40pm CST
I've been puzzling this for awhile and want to go organic but the prices are crazy! I try to pick the least processed foods I can but they are always more expensive. And all you hear are news reports about how Americans are becoming obese and we are becoming an unhealthy society. But who's fault is it when the least expensive food is the fattening bad for you food and the healthiest is the more expensive? No wonder were are becoming so unhealthy. I suppose with the worsening economy our health care costs will go thru the roof simply because its to hard to afford foods that are good for you. What are your thoughts?
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@hanah87 (1842)
• Malaysia
31 May 09
The bad food is always cheap because it use small money to produce it than healthier food that use more money to make sure it free from fat or unhealthy ingredient.But you can also get a healthy food by make it by your own self.You can mix all nutrisi you need in one food like salad fruit,meat,and bread in one food.This food has all important nutrisi people need like carbohydrate,protein,fat and vitamin but dont eat it in big amount because you will get bad disease if eat it too much.You can make it by yourself.Try it and happy mylotting.
• United States
1 May 09
Have you considered growing organic. It can be done easily is pots or something called an earthbox. You can grow on a balcony or patio or in the yard. Lookup hoophouse greenhouse. A very inexpensive way to build a greenhouse and the size can be customized. Just make sure that you start with organic seeds, use organic soil and fertilizers. You will find that the organic food that you grow will cost much less than non-organic food bought at a store.
• Finland
24 Nov 08
You don't have to go organic with everything. The pesticides - if those are what you're worried about - are mostly in the peel, so you could choose organic when you buy fruit or vegetables with edible peel. Otherwise just buy the cheaper version. The nutrient content of organic and non-organic fruit/vegetables is the same with only minor exceptions (and organic doesn't always win the comparison).
@shooie (4985)
• United States
17 Nov 08
The reason organic and foods like this without chemicals and things are so high is because there aren't that many people/growers frowing them. You would think it would be cheaper to grow this way but it isn't. It is easier fo a farmer to grow bigger crops because of pesticides to keep insects off the plants. Organic well you either have to hand pick the pest off or have non-chemical sprays that work that are made from all natural items and there aren't very many of these for a larg scale growing crop. Will say they are working o them though so that is good. I know when I grow tomato's and things in the spring and summer I use the non-chemical sprays on my garden. What youcan do is grow your veggies and freeze them. You don't have a place for a big garden use pots and planters they work great. I grew a watermelon plant this year in a pot and it gre 3 watermelons on it. (was a test to see if i could do melons that way) Growing up we raised our own chickens and pigs. Ones gotta do what they gotta do. We didn't do it because of organic reasons we did it because was more cost affective at the time for my mom and dad.
@hildas (3031)
17 Nov 08
I think it can be pretty easy to eat healthy on a small budget. Pieces of fruit, bread, yogurt, peas, do not cost much, and if that's all that was in your grocery basket, your bill wouldn't be outrageous. What's harder is eating bad on a small budget. A bag of crisps and a can of Coke cost much more than a bag of apples and water. It is usually the "fun food" that gets our budget into trouble, not the healthy stuff. Now organic food can be pricey to buy, but for produce, search out a farmer's market or a fruit and vegetable stand that specializes in local organic produce. Cutting out the middle man saves money and means fresher produce. Rice, beans, whole grains, and root vegetables tend to be very inexpensive. You could start a herb garden. Herbs are very expensive, and some are very easy to grow. Also do not go shopping when you're hungry as you will be tempted to buy other things.
@arialgrs (130)
• Greece
14 Nov 08
Hi, I follow some instructions for eating healthy with a small budget.. Dont go shopping hungry,make shopping after a meal or after a light snack to help resist temptation. Look for sales on fresh fruits and vegetables , stores get a bargain sometimes, and pass that savings on to you. Choose a large bag of fruit (like apples or pears)instead of the single, large fruits priced per pound.