Are you proud of your mother?

@wrangel15 (1443)
November 13, 2008 8:00pm CST
I love my mother and is proud of her. Are you proud of your mother too? My mother taught me basic literacy. It made me easily cope with literacy at school when I was still a child. That was just the beginning. When I was still in grade school, my mother left to work abroad. I know it was really hard for her to leave us but we are five siblings in total. We are still very young then. She chose to leave us to provide for my family. My father has a good job but it is just not enough to provide for the budget of the family. In college, it was my mother who supported me. I was far from home and finance is really a big deal when during my university years. But my mother died when I was in second year college. She died after suffering a disease we are not familiar with. When she was still alive, she gave me a ring and it reminds me of her and also my family. The main provider of my family was gone but the pension she left made us survive. Now I found a good job away from home and am helping my siblings to finish their schooling. I stay in the city where the standard of living is high. This last month, I have a friend who really needed money and I have to lend him some of mine. A time came when I really needed the money I lent but he is unable to pay for it yet. I know you know it's hard to live in the city without money right? I just have about 2 bucks left to survive for a week. I can't borrow from my office mates because they also don't have enough money left. After two days, I don't even have the money to pay my vehicle fare back from my office that I have to bring the ring (the one my mother gave me a few years back) to the pawnshop. I never had an intention to pawn it but with that situation, I have to do it. As I left the pawnshop, I was suddenly struck and remembered my mother and the many things she has done. It came to my mid that I was a God-blessed man for having her as a mother. She's gone already for many years but I can still feel her provision. God is still providing for me through her. Without that golden ring, I wouldn't have eaten for days in the city until the payday. I almost cried at the road as I left the pawnshop that day. I recovered the ring from the pawnshop immediately as I received my salary the next payday. Thanks to God for giving me a loving mother.... We are blessed for having our mothers. Are you proud of your mother?
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@MizzLadyB08 (1175)
• United States
14 Nov 08
Yes, I am very proud of my mother because she is the strongest woman I know. I am her only child and even though I am 29 years old my mother still helps me out and I do the same for her. I have a daughter of my own she helps me take care of her also. Wedo not have much money but she make sure that we have the best things to get by. I love her with all of my soul.
@my125125 (822)
• Malaysia
14 Nov 08
I am proud with my mother, and love her much. my mother always cook for us and let her child eat first, then her turn, so sometimes she got gastric. She cook well and learn from her mother and mother in law. She know how to make a bag,she made a school bag for me, and it very beautiful, my friend also like it when get the bag to school. Until now my mother still is the best.
@impexp (246)
• China
14 Nov 08
Everyone should be proud of their mother.As my mother is disabled and has to bent her waist all years, she paid much more than others to forster me. I myself have a baby girl,so I understand how much my mother suffered when she gave birth to me.When I was young I did not understand mother cause she always stop me doing something, now I must thank her cause her instruction leads me to be an upright,optimistic and honest one in the society.Thanks,mom.