how can president arroyo sleep at night?

November 13, 2008 8:11pm CST
i really wonder how? i just think that sometimes when i hurt someone, like saying a bad thing, it is difficult for me to sleep at night. i feel so bad. but do we really have a president without a conscience? what do you think of this? i feel so bad for our country. i sometimes get emotional just listening to our president give those feel good speeches. she should stop doing those and get on with doing what is really best for our country. i appreciate the comments of other fiipinos here in mylot.. take care and God bless us all! :D
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15 Nov 08
Hi there. This discussion reminds me of the text joke on how each of us has a clock in Heaven whose hands move every time we tell a lie and how President Arroyo's clock is being used in the office of Jesus as a ceiling fan. *lol* Though, seriously, I can't quite understand how she could do that either. I know I couldn't.
@mhagskier (323)
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14 Nov 08
is it difficult to you to sleep at night? because of wondering how can our president sleep at night, are you bothered? hehe, of course she becomes our president because she can take all the government problems..hehehe... and she's a professional! haha