japanese music

November 14, 2008 12:36am CST
who in here listens to japanese music? like in tv shows video games or anime. I like jpop do you?
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@SeishiroX (1076)
• Philippines
17 Nov 08
How come I didn't notice this? Well, I'm a jpop lover myself. My favorite artists are Gackt Camui, X-Japan, Weiss Kreuz, TM Revolution and Malice Mizer. Of course, I like a few others but they don't qualify as favorites.
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
I also listen to these jpop artist you wrote.. but I dont know camui.
• Malaysia
14 Nov 08
I do listen to Jpop and some jrock too. These japanese artist and band had nice melody in their song. Even the hard abd heavy bands like Loudness or X-Japan they had these beautiful ballad that is really touching to hear. Nowadays many anime are played in tv so I guess I do hooked to those japanese music.
• Philippines
17 Nov 08
I know Loudness but I listen to Lazy..
@Montblanc (141)
• Canada
31 Jan 10
I love J-Pop. They're awesome.
@Porcospino (19720)
• Denmark
4 Dec 08
I like Japanese music. One of my friends from Japan introduced me to many of her favourite singers, I especially liked SMAP and Kinki kids and I have listened to their songs many times. There are other singers that I like but I am not good at remembering their names. I sometimes search Japansese songs on Youtube and I found some great songs. When I get the chance to visit Japan, I plan on buying lots of music. I only understand a few words of the songs, as I am not that good at Japanese, but I still enjoy listening to the songs.
• China
14 Nov 08
I like Joe Hisaishi. I love all music of his I like Lily-chou chou
• Philippines
14 Nov 08
I'm a jrock listener \m/ watch PV's and some Concerts. Last Alliance RuleZ!!