vitamins for hemorrhoids

November 14, 2008 3:16am CST
Do you know of a vitamin that lessens hemorrhoids. Do you have an idea why people have this kind of irritable situation?
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3 Jun 11 as good
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28 Mar 09
hmm thanx for all the info..i am also suffering from haemorrhoids and its a pain in the asss....
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28 Mar 09
more info about hemorrhoids http//
@adihindu (1922)
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16 Nov 08
Vitamins that Fight Hemorrhoids A number of vitamins have been known to have fighting abilities. . Vitamin C aids blood circulation and thus reduces clotting tendencies. Vitamin E keeps tissues elastic and helps resolves blood clots . Vitamin A aids the healing of mucous membranes . B6 is helpful for pregnant women suffering from Hemorrhoids as this vitamin is often deficient during pregnancy . Vitamin B complex helps in digestion and relief from Hemorrhoids.
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15 Nov 08
For hemorrhoids, there are no particular vitamins. However, Vitamin "C" kowan anti-oxidents, whish will support the metaboilisam rate & Vitamin-B Complex, that will help in improving the himoglobin count due to loss of blood caused by the Hemorrhoids (Piles). For Hemorrohids, it is important to have fiber rich food, sufficent qunatity of hot water & some good excercise. For relif, some pain killers & luxitive may be used. one should not go for the motion (Latrin) on attanednec manner rather on need basis.