Origin of human

@mokbul (616)
November 14, 2008 4:41am CST
There are many discussions going on God. I have another conflicting issue like that. By major religion God has created Man. Adam and Eve are the firs person to come on this Earth and we all are their descendant. According to Science this world has come to this stage in billions of years. Initially it was hot and gaseous and full of gas like helium, methane, carbon dioxide and steam. Over the period Earth has cooled down and some oxygen generating organism first produced, later on plant came and this Earth become oxic or with an atmosphere where present living creatures can sustain their lives. Science also says that Man is evolution from nature's organism. I personally believe that this universe and man as well as all other living creatures are created by the God. What is your opinion, specially that of non believers of the God?
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