the moveis game

@amitavroy (4823)
November 14, 2008 6:42am CST
this game when i got from the stores i had no idea. but then when i read the intro at the back i was fascinated by the fact that i can make movies. i gave me a hint that it might be good and i was not wrong. i always like simulation games and this is another one which i like now. it is amazing and when you see you movie doing good it makes you so happy the whole game is built with amazing details. you have every aspect of the game covered like from start you should have people who will look after you cleaning and other stuff of the studio. you have builders to build. you have crew memebers which you have to select with a lot of thought process. you have actors, directors, writers etc etc. you have to train them in every form. like actors can practise on sets of comedy to enhance their acting in comedy adn when you have a good actor with good skills in his genere then you have more chances of a movie which will do good and review will be good. and that is same with directors too. the dree\ssing and other things are given lot of importance. you can do a lot to the way the movie is made like edit the story and many more things. you have to maintain a very good balance of salary. better start get better and lower gets less but then they should not be jelous. these are few things whcih i mentioned. there are many. research etc etc and all in all a great game
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@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
14 Nov 08
the movies game is addictive for only about a month. after that i couldn't do the final goal, it was to get the rating of the studio to the max which really seemed impossible, cause there was always something that damped the studio rating from reaching the max. then i realized that it didn't really matter whatever scenes u make in a custom-made movie (even that wont follow a story at all), your movie rating and earning depends upon the quality of the crew/staff. i played this game for a month about two years ago. haven't played it again since then. later some expansion packs came out that gave new props, sets and other items but didn't introduce anything new to the gameplay.