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November 14, 2008 9:39am CST
A jeepney driver passes down the Los Baños Arch Boundary to Bagong Kalsada. Then after that he began to light up a stick of Marlboro and leisurely smoked to his heart's content. Los Baños has an ordinance of prohibition of smoking in public vehicles, so anyone caught doing this will be heavily fined. And I don't think that any hard-working drivers would want that. And since that there are no known ordinances of a smoking ban in Calamba City. These idiotic drivers take the chance to smoke right after passing the Los Baños boundary arch. Smoking a stick reduces your lifespan by approximately 11 minutes. and according to this article: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Shortening-Your-Life-Due-to-Second-Hand-Smoke/287747 We, fellow non-smokers are also at risk with these smokers around us. Just like my Filipino Literature teacher mentioned: "Smokers are selfish people, they smoke around and they harm others like us..." Yes, indeed, smokers are very selfish. A total ban is really nice but..." the saying: "Masarap talaga 'pag bawal" (What's prohibited, always feels good) It's almost impossible to stop smokers. And so, one day, a crazy Idea popped in my head: All smokers will be persecuted, smoking in public will give authorities absolute order to shoot you on sight. Since smoking will just shorten your life and kill you, the authorities will help you to die. This is a very good way to saving non-smokers and extending our lifespan. And regarding the multi-billion business of cigars in the Philippines, I don't give a damn about them. I think a lot of people will agree with me that we don't really need their investments to promote a slow spreading death in our nation.
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