PayPal should be available to every country

PayPal - Paypal should be available in every country
November 14, 2008 7:58pm CST
myLot family was growing very rapidly. Internet users from all over the globe were participating in myLot activities. One big reason myLot is getting popular day by day is its compensation policy to its members unlike other social networking sites. All myLot members were able to receive payment until today. But there is a bad news for the myLotters of a number of countries. As moneybookers has suspended the service of its US customers who send money internationally, it is the myLotters of the countries are going to be victimized where paypal does not have any service. Moneybooker will no more be the 2nd option of payment from myLot after 17 November, 2008. myLot authority has already given this alert to everyone. I do not understand why such a giant online money transer compnay like paypal has avoided some countries in the world. Nowadays, there are international banking facilities almost in every country. So, why paypal should deprive some countries from its services? I believe palpay should go into operation in every country. What do you think?
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