Is Computer is good or bad?

November 14, 2008 8:38pm CST
Hai everybody today we all work doing with computer.Is computer is good or bad?.please replay.
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@mnr367 (65)
• India
15 Nov 08
everything have thier own good side and bad side so the computer also have its own good and bad side. its not good to spend the whole time infront of your computer. it will make you lazy, increase your fat level, and reduce youe appetite, cause headache, sleeping prob ..etc. its also very danger for your eyes also. so i recomend if you have any serious work to do then sit infront of your computer for a whole day otherwise pls dont spend more time with computer
• Spain
18 Nov 08
All that you mentioned are myths that have been going on for probably more than 40 years. As a person which spends on computer 15hrs/day, I can tell you none of that really happens.
@anjanabs (127)
• India
19 Nov 08
computer is very much essential in our life.but it has bad effects too.we can use it for our good purposes and also bad is very useful in getting information about various topics,chatting,mailing,playing games much job oppurtunities are there in IT field. nowadays we can see that most of people including school students are spending time infront of the computer without any limit.some people are using computer for useful is also important that if our eyes are too close to computer while using it will affect our computr is good if we use it properly.
@suntuu (294)
• India
15 Nov 08
it is in the hands of people whether they want to use computers for their good or for bad. computers basically internet is today most advantageous as well as bad field which can make you reach heights or make you fall down in a sense that it contains so its our perspective and control on ourselves which determines the real use of computers
@briggah (171)
• United States
15 Nov 08
I think they can be good and then again they can be bad. Lot of younger people are more into computers then say hard labor. Things like carpenters, mechanics, masons. I actually started out doing carpentry work an ended up with a computer job. Our school district doesn't even have wood shop or metal shop anymore. Wood shop in my eyes is where you learn the basics of fixing things. They sure have lot of computer courses to choose from though.