making gold at home

November 14, 2008 8:45pm CST
can anyone tell me how to make gold at home? i found in ancient books that it is possible to make even touchstones and gold from purified mercury .it is also possible to be vanished by keeping a little ball in your mouth made from mercury. mercury also make someone flying. it the best metal in the world that has no decay... i need to know more about alchemy.
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@Arkie69 (2156)
• United States
15 Nov 08
Someone is pulling your leg. You cannot make gold. Gold is the one element you cannot reproduce. Gold is only one thing and that is gold. You can break it down to a single Atom but you still have Gold and nothing else. As for the Mercury it will make you vanish and it will make you fly. You put a ball of Mercury and it won't be long until you die and then you can fly either up to Heaven or down to H*ll. From what you say here I would say you better just leave Mercury alone. If handled wrong Mercury will kill you. I use Mercury very often to collect real fine Gold so I know what I am talking about.
25 Jan 12
If you can stand mercury on fire where it will not fly/run on fire which will be more than 1000 frn height then i have a process with herbal that can change its color to golden and then after when you will use its measuring quantity on copper which will become gold so first of try to stand mercury on huge fire if that will be possible then i will tell you more so most welcome to me there
• Pakistan
15 May 12
I have got a herbal formula which i got from an ancient book from india. This came to me 35 yrs ago. and even at that time it was a very old book. The formula is in my mind as i tried it many times when i was so young. But due to some reasons i was not able to liquify the cinnibar in the final stage. i saw the golden dots on on the pot which was melted in fire. i could not get the pots in which gold is melted, at that time. any if some one is interested they can contact me. my id is
@redhotpogo (4419)
• United States
15 Nov 08
if you put mercury in your mouth you will die. Its possible to change the properties of an item, first you must know what makes gold. The exact amount of each item, and then you can figure out how to rearrange the items in whatever you are using to make gold. No one has successfully done this, probably because no one thinks its possible. But don't ever put mercury in your mouth.