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November 14, 2008 9:19pm CST
I would like to start off by apologizing for totally sucking at naming my discussions. However, I assure you that the content is often more interesting than the title. I am reading a book by Tolstoy and the opening line is, "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." For whatever reason I read this one line and have not been able to move on from it. This line is touching on something much more than family; it kind of goes hand in hand with the belief that we learn best through pain and that we cannot grow without stress and strife in our lives. I agree. I have had a fairly difficult life and I believe that all that chaos, trauma, pain, anguish, struggle, and strife has helped me to become a better person than I would've been otherwise. Having to persevere, struggle, and fight has helped me to grow, it has given me strength and confidence, its taught me to be a more compassionate person, as well as a more determined person. I want to know what you think. Does pain help us grow and learn? Do we learn more through pain and struggle, does it make us better people? Could we do without it? Let Tolstoy's words sit with you and lets see what comes up.
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@sharra1 (6342)
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22 Nov 08
I also find it hard to name my discussions. Since a lot of people here only read the title it can be a real challenge to find a title that captures their imagination. Having said that I have been racking my brain trying to think of a time when I learned from being happy and I can think of is that happiness is a nice relief from pain but it never lasts. I have learned most from my pain, it is the struggle, the challenges that make us grow. If life is only happiness we do not progress as spirits. I read a theory once that fascinated me as it suggested that we are born on Earth to experience things that will make us grow in certain areas. It also suggested that we choose our parents to give us a certain life path. It was not saying that our lives are planned for us but that by choosing who our parents are we set a certain series of possibilities for learning into play. I like the idea. My family was particularly difficult and gave me a very strange life path with a great deal of pain, turmoil anguish etc and I have learned a great deal in my life. My spirit has grown. So yes I would say that we learn most through pain and struggle and how we deal with those moments in time shape us as people and our spirits.
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23 Nov 08
Your response is appreciated, not to mention eloquent and clear. I have read similar information about life and how we are living in this time so we can learn certain things, and I have always found the concept of us choosing our parents to be interesting. I too grew up amidst great strife and although I would not want to live that again it has helped me grow into the person I am today and for the most part I like who I am. Thanks again and have a happy holiday (if you celebrate)
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