How can i deposit money into paypal?

November 15, 2008 12:33am CST
Hi, how can i deposit money into my paypal account? Currently i need money to buy things from the internet, however they only accept paypal. I search around paypal , and the only method to transfer money into it is using US based bank account. So I am from Malaysia, what should I do?
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• Malaysia
9 Dec 08
Late reply because I haven't log in, but if you have a credit card or a debit card (that works for PayPal and such) you should be able to pay for things via PayPal. I have an Public Bank debit card, and it's linked to my PayPal account. Whenever I want to buy something online, I just pay for it via PayPal and it'll deduct from my card straight away. Of course, the transaction will fail if I didn't deposit any money in my card, but that's an easy problem to fix. Most Malaysian credit cards will allow you to link to your PayPal account too. So you don't have to get a US-based bank account for this (actually if you have a Singaporean account that would work too, but then your address would be stuck in Singapore instead of Malaysia). Just any local bank credit or debit card will do. I can attest that Public Bank's Debit Card as well as Al-Rajhi's are verified. Maybank is still in the process of getting their Debit card verified with PayPal. Not sure about the other local banks' debit cards. But all their credit cards SHOULD be accepted for local transactions. Ask your bank for more details.
@wanpisu (207)
• Malaysia
1 Dec 08
if your paypal account is verified you don't have to add fund to paypal in order to shop online. because paypal will directly deduct your credit card/debit card if your account balance is 0.