my friend's hubby is in jail

November 15, 2008 1:10am CST
i feel so sad for my friend...because her husband is now in jail. although we do not know the whole story, we have the inclination to believe that her husband is innocent. the case is attempted rape, and so the bail is so expensive. my friend and her husband has one child--still a toddler who is so close to his father. so every night, he would cry and look for his dad. i feel so sad especially for the son. i pray that this problem will be solved and her family will be whole again. although the damage has already been done, because people are already talking about them and the matter was publicized in the local news, we are praying that her husband will found not guilty and sent back to his family. the jail is located is another city, which is very far from where we are, so we could not go to visit. if only there was something we could do. for now, i could only give her advice and pray for them. i really pray for the best.
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