Brotherly Love/Sibling Rivalry?

@MySpot (2602)
United States
November 7, 2006 4:07pm CST
I am very close to my sisters; We always stick up for each other, never told on each other, hardly ever fought and were empathetic when one of us got into trouble... We didn't tease or laugh. We'd all cry if one of us were punished. I think we are a good example of brotherly/sisterly love. My hubby's relationship with his siblings was quite the opposite though. They quarrel, tease, and fight. I find it to be immature, petty and annoying. I think they are a good example of sibling rivalry. Do you have brotherly/sisterly love or sibling rivalry with your sisters and/or brothers? How has the relationship changed as you've grown up? Do you think generation gaps make a difference? My two sisters are one year apart but 4 and 5 years older than me. My hubby's sister and brother are only a year apart but he is 13 years younger than they are. Please share your experiences.
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