still keeping my hopes at Shared Reviews

November 15, 2008 2:21am CST
i am a member of shared reviews, a paid to review site. it was a paying site, but sadly when i joined, it was the time when they started not paying their members. i feel so bad. i have almost $200 there. they said they will pay. some of the old members still remain active. they have changed their TOS.s anyway, i am still keeping my hopes up that someday they will pay. when some of the people get tired and give up and only a few are left. i know it sounds crazy, but yeah, i still hope because they used to pay people and the admin and the forums are still active. have you heard of this site? are you a member there? what happened to your memebership? have you ever been paid? take care all and God bless you! have a happy weekend!
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