Another week in the life of me

@fedge098 (1331)
November 15, 2008 2:24am CST
Another week is gone and I am now a little over two months old in my new job, the one I’ve said in my previous posts. So far I am doing good and slowly but surely I am grasping the do’s and don’ts of my job, including the how’s and why’s things are done in the office. How transactions are analyzed and how things could be improved for the Company’s betterment. I am doing good. Honestly, my job is a “no-brainer,” YES! NO BRAINER. And at this early I am feeling the need to return to my previous job and go back to the thing that I love doing – auditing other people’s work! Lol! Anyway, besides “learning” new things, I am slowly getting to know the people I work with. Including their real color of the relationships my colleagues have with our bosses. Indeed politics is everywhere. It is not too obvious but there really is. I just wasn’t able to get a closer look to it. In short, they have a not-so-good relationship with the Boss, they hate her. I don’t hate her, yet. But I’m not looking forward to it. As another month goes into my time in my new work, I am hoping I could find out if I really belong to it. I just hope, I’ll know what to do after this month. Will I stay? Or Will I go?
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@super_jj (1417)
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15 Nov 08
That sounds fun. Hehehehehe. It's always a challenge adjusting to a new job and getting the hang of how things are. And getting to know the people you work with. Good if the job's something you really like. Hehehehe. As for me, i'm excited to resign from this hell-hole of a job. Sure, the job alone is fine(copyediting), i love reading, i love the topics that my authors are submitting, i enjoy my colleagues. It's just the management that sucks. The corporate people are so insensitive and they have no regard whatsoever of the well-being of the employees. THey keep pushing us to work, work,work! Work faster! We need more output! Dont complain abou the AC, it's for the compputers, not for you! Dont complain that the previous process arent doing they're job well! Etc, etc, etc. Geez! Dont they know that a happy employee is a productive employee? I'm just waiting until i am able to resign (due to the contract). I'm hoping i'd be out of here by January. I'd be off to a happier place. Hehehehe. I'll be working for my dad in his company and i'd be training to be a pilot. Weeeeh! Hehehehehe.
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@super_jj (1417)
• Philippines
17 Nov 08