What did you realized about love?

November 15, 2008 6:09am CST
in the cruel world of love i have learned that promises are not contracts kisses are not assurance sweet words are not gurantees big hugs are not bonds and nothing is permanent in this life one day he is mine the next day his gone last night he was swee the next morning he is insensitive I've realized taht loving someone is not always about fantasies and realities it's about truth
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@n30wing (4768)
• Philippines
18 Nov 08
In life nothing stays permanent just uyourself. In love you never ask anything in return. It's just having love then not having love at all. Have a nice day to you! God bless!
@anonymili (3138)
15 Nov 08
Well I hope you realised this stuff about love before you made any decisions you will live to regret. You can't say nothing is permanent in life - some marriage last a lifetime. I love the fact that my parents have been married for nearly 42 years and they still give each other presents on anniversaries and Valentine's Day, etc. I know a couple who've been married for over 50 years who were never able to have kids sadly but they still walk down the street holding hands - it's so touching to see that. My husband tells me every day he loves me and I tell him. When we have an argument, we try to resolve it straight away and kiss and make up and talk things through sensibly like adults - even though I know couples in their 60s who argue like cat and dog and behave like kids in front of others and I wonder why they can't agree to argue at home away from other people. Loving someone is accepting them the way they are, not trying to change and mould them into the person you want them to be, otherwise they wouldn't be the same person you fell in love with. There is nothing wrong in wanting your other half to progress in life but forcing them to do something against their better nature is not on and will ultimately lead to problems. We are not children, we should understand that God will not strike you down if you make a promise but can't kepe it due to circumstances out of your control - but it all depends on the sort of promise you break. For example when you get married you expect your spouse to be faithful and that is one of the marriage vows - that is definitely a promise I expect to be kept. But if it's a promise that he will meet me at 7pm and he turns up at 8pm due to traffic or a problem, I can't be mad at him (although I'd expect him to phone).