How to Apologize to your Family?

apologize - sorry I apologize
@ana3173 (420)
November 15, 2008 6:35am CST
All of us have dumped on others. We've lost our temper and been defensive, we've been thoughtless and made assumptions and the only way to make it right is to say sorry for everything that you've done, apologize and change the behavior to show that we mean it. if you behave badly in front of your family the right thing to do is to apologize to everyone affected by your bad behavior. apologize quickly as soon as you recognize that you've made a mistakes apologize, though its hard to do sometimes apologize to everyone who was affected by your words and actions. be happy for yourself that you're mature enough to admit when you've crossed over the line. to complete an apology means that you repair the damage. Repairing the damage and making amends shows your willingness to change your behavior. a goodwill gesture shows sincere intentions. The purpose of apology is to keep your family connections thriving. we are not talking about who is wrong or right here. but making an apology is a way of staying close to them again and to make sure that you and your family are happily connected. you're family does not expect perfection, you will make many mistakes, hurt and disappoint each other but what is good here is a sincere apology that you made is a magic ingredients that will keep your relationship strong to your family and they will respect you for making amends.
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