She's leaving... Should I tell her now?

@fedge098 (1331)
November 15, 2008 6:36am CST
I have this friend who's about to leave the country to work for about two years. I am thinking of courting her but the fact that she's going away makes me think our relationship, if turned out positive, might not work well. I've tried long distance relationship and like other relationships, it didn't take us long. Should I tell her about my intentions, still? Should I wait for her to come back? What can i do?
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15 Nov 08
If I were you, you better show her that you have feelings for her while she is not far from you. But if for the sake that you are only wanting to court her without any feelings at all don't waste hers or your time. But if you love her you better tell her now, not when she comes back. Because you never know she might come back, but not for you. Good Luck!
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
15 Nov 08
Well I am all for love but if you have been thinking about this for a long time and have done nothing about it until you found out she leaving, well I don't think now is the time to be telling her. You have to ask yourself why you never told her before. My vote is to leave it and see what happens in two years.
• Philippines
15 Nov 08
Hi there! I've read this post of yours...Well, it will actually depends on how you will handle the relationship...I don't think long distance relationship is bad---it's just that it has had the negative connotation that it will not work out. But if we come to realize this, it will really depend on the lovers (two persons involved in the relationship). The success of a certain thing is a result of good stwardship. If we take it that the courtship will turn out to be good, then that would be a good news. But always bear in mind that you both ahve the control on what's going to happen with your relationship. I know most may think that it won't work but I think it should be better if you don't implant this thought in your head because it won't do any good. The more you think that long distance relationships won't work, the more that it will be harder for you to take the oppotunity to tell that gurl how you feel for her. Each of us has different destinies in life...What happens to other elses reltionship is not certain to happen to you relationship as well...But as I said you have the control. If you're not ready to get into that thing yet since you are confident that the relationship may blossom, then I suggest that you leave at the back of your mind first. However, that does not mean that you won't tell her how you feel for her. If you really like her, then you better tell it to her rather than you having a lot of what IFs and thoughts running in your mind. Telling her how you feel does not neccessarily mean that you'll be together or should I say you'll be lovers. You can discuss among yourselves whatever you want to do with the friendship that you have right now---whether you'll go beyond the friendship line or you'll remain in the same friendship level you are in right now. At least you have been honest to her that you feel more than what you should feel for her. It's up to her to decide. Being you friend for quite some time, I guess she deserves to know as well. On the other hand, it should be better if you take things one at a time. Just cross the bridge when you both get there. Don't force yourself on making hasty decisions right now, which in the end you'll regret. However things may turn up, I wish you both the best of life and the best of every relationship may come! go for what you think is right! :)
@hildas (3031)
15 Nov 08
I think if you really like this person you should certainly tell them how you feel about them. Imagine they went away and you did not tell them your feelings about them and they met someone else. You would be devastated that you missed your chance of not asking them out. If I where you I would tell them. They will be coming back again and it might be a nice comfort to them to know they are thought and cared about while they are gone. Take care and go for it.
@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
28 Nov 08
Hello fedge098! I think you better tell her about your feelings and not rushing to her answer. Just give her time to think about it. I am in a long distance relationship too and it's really hard. If you are really meant for each other you are meant to be.