Exactly what is the problem with our economy?

@Arkie69 (2156)
United States
November 15, 2008 9:36am CST
I have heard several opinions on what is wrong with our economy but none of then go down deep enough to uncover the real root of the problem. Our Government is trying to fix the problems with our economy the very same way we mow our lawns. When we go out and mow the lawn all we are doing is clipping the top of the grass off and leaving the root in the ground to grow back and be mowed again later. Our problems with the economy goes a lot deeper than the housing market crash, the bank problems or the auto makers problems. If we look back a few years we can see a time that we consumed a lot less than we do now. Very few people produce anything they consume. If they can't buy it they don't have it. This is a very dangerous position for us to be in and I believe we are about to find out just how dangerous. A very large part of our economy is being supported by the sale of items we want rather than the things we actually need. When OPEC boosted the price of oil so high this was the straw that broke the Camels back. The importing of high priced oil along with all the other imported junk takes a lot of cash out of this country and out of our economy. If the things we buy were made in the US our economy would be booming. When we buy an imported item it puts the profit on that item in someones pocket that is outside this country. All if that money that stays in the US is the small profit the importers make. Even then they may not be in the US. Our government is never going to solve the problem we have with our economy. Throwing all this money at it is just going to put us deeper in the hole. At this point only one thing will fix the problem and that is a complete crash. We must rebuild our economy from the base up. That base is the dollars the working people are spending to buy the things they need. The working people loosing their jobs and being forced to pay sky high prices is exactly what has caused this problem and to ever fix the problem you are going to have to rebuild this base. The government knows this. That's why they are talking about government sponsored work problems to create jobs. I even heard one expert mention the WPA last light on Fox News. The WPA, CC Camps and some other government sponsored work programs is the only thing that brought us out of the last depression in the 30's. The problem will never go away until Americans making American made good here in the US are earning money to buy the things they need. Stop all imports that we can survive without and put the working class to work. That is the only possible way to fix the problem with our economy. We must dig deep and kill out the very root of the problem and not just hack around at the top of it.
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@sktekweb (277)
• India
15 Nov 08
The real problem in US is excessive consumerism and building houses on loans.More painful is living life on loans.Stop Credit cards for a month.It will solve the problem.