Is it right to ask for donations to start my own project ?

November 15, 2008 9:49am CST
Well here is the entire story. I have a dream, to have my own project, i want to build the community that always wanted to see and be in. But i don't have any way to buy a proper hosting from my contry, i have been thinking ... demand donation to at leats refund expanses for 1 year. I really want to make my project alive and at the same time i'm not sure about my feelings to ask for donations, because i'm afraid to loose confidante if i don't get them. So? 1 - Do you think that it's right to do that ? 2 - What are your advices ? 3 - Are you willing to help ? What are your expectations and point of vue ? Please as honest as you can, like i'm honest with. That was really very difficult for me to start this discution, and i really mde a huge effort. Please be honest with me. Thank's in advance.
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@suzzy3 (8357)
30 Nov 08
you sound like a very nice person.If you are serious about this you must get proper financial backing from sponsor and have a way of making it pay ,maybe incorporate a money making venture like a factory or a shopping arcade ,you will need planning consent and it will cost a fortune the only way I see it working is if few of you get together and buy some land and build on it,it will take a huge financial commitment ,you would need to gate it off to stop the real world getting in and have your own police force, health service ,water, gas ,electric ect .It is a wonderful dream and I wish you well with it ,you could sell share in the community but like I say unless you are loaded and your friends are loaded with money it is almost impossible,but nothing is impossible you will have to get yourself a good lawyer and decide who is going to live in your commuity,could you send someone away,what critera would you need ,people are not perfect and it takes all sorts to make a real life ,good luck to you.You did ask for me to be honest and i have tried to point out a few things you will need to take into consideration when it is ready can I come and live there.