TLC Only film these "unique" families for a year and QUIT!

@vicki2876 (5640)
November 15, 2008 1:54pm CST
I am sick of TLC showing these "unique" families and how the cope. I don't mind any of these families for the first year or so cause they do seem like me in many ways. Struggling with finances and stretching the buck. But as time goes on, they are going on 8 trips a year. Taking 15 kids to Disney. Renovating their houses. Buying 100 foot pools. LOL Seeing the kids turn into brats or weirdos. So far I am totally sick of the Duggars. Don't let your kids watch crappy TV, but hey your on it aren't you! Nice house you got there too. I can't relate to that at all. Jon and Kate plus eight. Lots of money. Do things my family of three kids could never dream of doing. Kate seems like a spoiled brat. Sure her kids are mega clean but you see at what price when you see the Disney episode. Nice family memory of mom eh? Hair plugs, and plastic surgeries. Hmmmmm. Little People Big world I just can't stand. They started out so normal. Financial problems and messy houses. But a couple years into it all the toys they buy and stuff. The kids now look totally spoiled. There is a new one coming out the Hays. I bet I will like them at first as they will seem like a regular family, yet Bigger. But once the TLC money comes in, there will be jetting off to Disney and whining. I got to say I am kinda sick of the whole awe of a family that pops out several kids. People have been doing it for centuries, it really isn't that hard. They don't need to be on television. How about you? Do you love to see these families for years and years as they change? Or do you get sick of them and think that fame and/or money gets to their head?
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