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November 15, 2008 2:08pm CST
Moving from America to Italy is nice, however it is apparant in my daily routine how far behind us they are. Im speaking in regards to men and women. Also having been to Kosovo its like taking another step back in time, and was an incredible yet saddening experience. My weekly activities consist of visiting with an older woman here who tells me of her life before, which is like the current life in Kosovo for women, and tells me her opinions on what are the roles for men and women. The women in Kosovo do without being asked twice, or once for that matter, the housework, cooking, and cleaning, and do not visit with the men. The men work outside and smoke a lot. The older lady i visit with has made it clear on numerous occasions that sewing is a girls destiny and that a home will only become clean with a womans hand. I know i come from the country that is the root of all the anti-westerization fear, but regardless of whether i was obligated to clean or cook, it makes me sad to see women feel so obligated to do these things. This older woman cannot leave a shirt on the arm of a couch, or plate unwashed immeadiatly. Me and my boyfriend live together and share the work,he helps as much as he can and brings up often how he never wants me to feel like the girls in Kosovo (where hes from), that we are equals. How can people live like that and not want more from life, to have at least learned a little, gone to school?
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@ersmommy1 (12598)
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15 Nov 08
Wow. Being a work from home mom of soon to be 2 kids all I can say is wow. My hubby cooks meals, helps with our daughter, vacuums the floor (if I ask) I cannot imagine this. Makes me grateful for my hubby. And I suppose you for your bf. I guess if you never thought about or knew that you could have more it is an alien concept. Just try and enjoy your new surroundings. It must be beautiful.