Skinny VS Fat

November 15, 2008 4:14pm CST
Are you Skinny or Fat? What do you think is the weight for having the shinny, fat or normal label? I now and i will assume that my label is Fat,actually i am morbid obese, i weight 98 kilos and my height is only 155cm... so that brings my BMI to 41 what is bad... But, despite the fact that in medical terms i am morbid obese, when you look ate me you can't see that, i have the same figure and use the same clothe sizes as my sister that weights 80 kilos and has 165cm!!!! And no one believes that i have more 18 kilos that her.. So people put me the label FAT.. For me skinny is a size zero or when you have less than 10 kilos or more toward you height, ie 155cm height, weight between 50 to 65 kilos ok less then that i think is skiiny, more and until 80, fairyly normal above that fat. What do you think?
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20 Nov 08
A normal weight comes with your height there is a such thing as being to skinny as there is a such thing to being to fat if I had to choose between the two I would rather be moderate and healthy. I'm 5'6" so my weight should be around 165-200lb but Im over that mark and is in hopes to bringing it down
@diillu (5128)
16 Nov 08
If I have to choose between being skinny or fat then I would rather prefer to be skinny. Cause being fat has really big effect on health and as you said your BMI is 41 I must say that you are prone to many diseases. So, you should really think about losing some weight. As for me I'm 155 cm and have the weight around 48-49 but I'm not size zero. I'm not that thin and I'm not that fat either. So, I would like to consider myself as the okay or the right weight.