Out of Work

United States
November 16, 2008 6:40am CST
What to do when you get hurt at work? Well, know that workers comp. is not going to help and does anyone realize that if you do not make enough money,a lawyer will not take you. Even for worker comp. I,have been hurt for a year. Nothing that is stopping me from living but my right arm is in pain all the time. The Dr. still do not know why. I, hope to find out Monday. With this I have worked almost the whole time. When the Dr. have wanted to put me out of work, I have almost begged to stay in.. Why some may ask? Well, I have two sons and the only thing workers comp. will pay is 136 a week. My boys come before my pain. Now the Dr have got me out of work and workers comp doesn't want to give anything. It has been almost 5 weeks. I, call and they do not return phone calls. I,email and no response. The lack of money. Well, as much as I loved my job, I was a server/grill cook. I, claimed what I made but it still is not enough. Have been with this same company for 7 years and I think that they are goign to say "GoodBye" once this is over. Anyone with words of advice or that just wants to listen. Please let me know.
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