How did you like Valkyrie Profile?

November 16, 2008 7:13am CST
Well, hello myLotters and gamers out there. Just wanted to know what you think of Valkyrie Profile. Well for starters, it's been one of my best games in my game rack and I always play it again if I had the time. Discuss away!
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13 Sep 10
I would say one of the best RPG i played in the PS one console... I love the storyline and the unique battle system which in ables you to do cool attack and my favorite part th Soul Purification Ultimates. I love the Samurai Character named Jun... He is one of my main attack force member all through out the game. hehehe Cheers to this game!
• Philippines
12 Aug 10
I've ALWAYS LOVED this game...i play this game over and over again... i think 12 times a year..especially during november and december...dont know why that month... in a any case... what i love about this game is its character control...also the Extreme Magics of the sorcerers.. if i have to both between VP 2 and VP 1...i will definitely choose VP 1...due to its many characters..many finishing moves especially the magic..and also it has 3 endings
@Paleflare (141)
• Philippines
22 Mar 10
Hi Alucard, Yeah Valkyrie Profile is one my best games too. It has an amazing gameplay, The game battle is unique and well made plus the story makes the game even more interesting. When Valkyrie Profile 2 was release in Playstation 2 I bought the game the first day it was released. The game was fabulous really, Graphics have improve plus continuation of the story, It couldn't get any better. Cheers!