What is quality discussion?

United States
November 16, 2008 7:58am CST
Some say that I'm a troll. I think my personality just makes me appear that way. I go on the internet to learn but mostly to have fun. I hardly ever learn from online discussion. Online would not be my first choice for quality discussion. For the most part, I want to disagree with everyone and call everyone morons. (yes,btw,they are) There just isn't enough smart people around. The smart people are off doing really important things like curing cancer or inventing new technology. They don't have time to talk with morons on the internet. There is a small majority of people with brains on the internet. However, they too would rather talk about butts, boobs, and farts rather than Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. People are more like morons on the internet,because, well, it is the internet. The internet should be fun. Why are so many people hell bent on having boring conversation? I'm not sure. Sites like LOLcats are popular because they are moronic. Morons are destine to inherit the Earth. MyLots can not stop the moron invasion. They can try but at some point people will be bored and leave. Quality discussion by rule must include at least one reference to someone famous, someone or something in the realm of high culture, someone like William Shakespeare. Furthermore this has been a quality post because I have mentioned William Shakespeare. All his work is radical, not in the William Ayers way, but in the 80's slang way, which means AWESOME! Quality discussion begins with yourself because at least with yourself no can disagree with you. You are the smartest person on the planet and everyone else is a moron. If you think you are writing stimulating conversation, odds are you probably aren't, in fact, you are probably writing really moronic comments, because, yes, you are a moron, even if you think you are the smartest person on the planet. However, because you are moron you don't know this is moronic conversation. You think you just wrote something so brilliant, so profound.
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• Philippines
16 Nov 08
i think what we meant for a QUALITY discussion doesn't mean we have to talk about nietzshe or whoever whatever that is intelligently said. Its just that mylot is requiring people to make something that would entertain, educate, or share some experience to other people... Socializing. Making friends. and not writing discussions like. How old are you? and stupid stuffs like that :) Your discussion is considered a quality one.. You know why? you should know. Lol.