How to break the fear of cats and dogs?

November 16, 2008 10:41am CST
Improve your tolerance level by getting to know more about the animal. Look at pictures of the animal and even watch some movies featuring a dog or cat. Then try to get close to the animal. The last step is that of petting the animal.
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@uditpanda (1023)
• India
16 Nov 08
hello mayank i also go with the same view...U see desensitization is the best way to beat any phobia....the more u see anything that u fear, the more acclimatisation happens in ur mind & ur mind starts accepting things the ways they are instead of fearing them. U can visit any neighbour or friend who has a pet or showing a little bravery u can keep one of ur own. Due course of time ypur fear the fear will go away & u will start loving them.....have a good day
@dodo19 (34697)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
16 Nov 08
I think another good way to break it also to spend time with them. When I was eight, I was bitten on the arm by a german sheppard. As you may imagine, I was traumatized. I didn't like being around big dogs. But my fiance has a mixed german sheppard and labrador. At first, I was very nervous. But now I comfortable with big dogs, especially with my fiance's dog. I'm not saying it's entirely gone, but my fear for big dogs is better. So, your advice is good, but I think spending time with them is also good.