Look Before You Leap

November 16, 2008 11:23am CST
Look before you leap. But the problem is that what we think is what we do not do and what we do is what we do not think. This is the ageold dichotomy of theory and praxis. The basic issue is that why do we think at all? If we do not do and cannot do, then what is the use of thinking unnecessarily at all? Then there is no use of taking the pains of thinking. If we do not do, we should not think. And it is also that what we do must be sustantiated by our thinking, otherwise we cannot do our things properly. To properly do a thing we should think properly. If we think wrongly, we cannot do properly. So is that. That is why the idea 'look before you leap.' That is understandable. What is not understandable is why we do not think that what we think should be done as we think just to do, nothing more or less. So, we have to think that we will think and we will do for which we actually think. Otherwise, the act of thinking will be tantamount to the act of day-dreaming and that is going to be nightmarish in the long run.
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